Selling price list: can I see everything?

  1. 1. Slightly raised prices.
  2. 2. Added 2 columns.
  3. 3. Hired a photographer in the state.
  4. 4. Pasted in the first page of the price of new categories.
  5. 5. Given the task to the programmer.

This article will not be long introductions characteristic of me. Just a case on how we made a light version of the price list selling to one of our clients. This allowed him to increase the conversion conversion to a deal after sending a new price list by 12.7%.

And looking ahead, I will answer your question, we will still write out not only a specific case, but also how to create the right price catalog in steps. And now take a couple of chips from this case and introduce them to yourself.


Price lists that a customer receives are alike as two drops of water from the same ocean. While lying, there are as many as 3 differences you can find in them:

  • Company details
  • Number of positions
  • Price difference

And here to you for an example such standard price.

Standard download from 1C to Excel. Usually on 20-30 sheets if printed. The more titles, the more sheets. Once in our life we ​​have seen a catalog consisting of 212 pages, you excuse me, but this is something, it is better not to send such a document. If it turns out that there are a large number of positions in your catalog, then, in this case, it is better to find out the client’s need and send only what he really needs.

Hands on legs and gone

We conducted a survey among the clients of our client (sorry for taftology) and found out the following:

  • As a rule, a potential buyer requested from 3-5 prices from different companies and compared prices. The main criterion for selection was the price. Conditions on the type of delivery, warranty, payment were already in second place;
  • According to statistics, viewed the first 2-3 pages of the price, no more. It was quite enough to understand the pricing and make a decision about working with this company;
  • Since our client was engaged in the wholesale of clothing, the availability of photographs of positions was a decisive factor in making a purchase decision. On the website, in social networks or in the price itself, it does not matter. The main thing is that the buyer could see everything with his own eyes and pick up the goods to his taste, which in his opinion will be sold best;
  • Everyone asked for discounts, even though the price list had already indicated the lowest price.
  • Conclusions made. Price changed!

    1. Slightly raised prices.

    Yes, no matter how silly it may sound, but we have raised prices by 5% for most goods, except for locomotive goods.

    2. Added 2 columns.

    Discount 5% and 8%. To get the goods at this price, it was necessary to make a purchase for a certain amount. To 10 000 thousand to get 5%, and to 25 0000 to get 8%, but we did not speak about the conditions for receiving a discount to new clients before being sent so that they themselves would have a desire to learn about it. And in order for these discounts to work not against us, that is, “to the minus,” we made item number one.

    3. Hired a photographer in the state.

    He began to photograph new positions and insert them into 1C. We gave about the same task to sales managers - look for photos of products on manufacturers' websites and also insert them into 1C. In just a month, when 3 people work hard, you can insert 10-15 thousand photos into the price list. Naturally, first of all, you need to insert a photo of the most popular goods.

    4. Pasted in the first page of the price of new categories.

    “Bestseller”, “Special Offer” and “New”. And they were highlighted in large letters and red in color, so that they were conspicuous. Perhaps not very honest with respect to customers, but often these were not “New Products” at all, but simply what we had to sell in the first place. That is, in fact, in these categories, managers inserted the remnants of the warehouse, auction goods, and so on.

    5. Given the task to the programmer.

    Naturally, there is little to come up with innovations, it is necessary that everything automatically in 1C is unloaded into Excel. Frankly, we were less busy with the first four points than with this. It really took a lot of nerves, effort and time.
    The main problem was with importing photos from 1C to Excel, but we also solved it 😉

    That's how the price began to look after our changes.

    That's how the price began to look after our changes

    Agree, it differs from the first picture for the better. And as I wrote above, the average conversion, after sending such a price, into the transaction increased by 12.7%.

    Price list was too big

    Naturally, we had a problem that the photo took up a lot of space and sending it by e-mail was completely difficult, but we found solutions for this:

    • Do not send all positions in one document, but clarify the need of the client and send it on certain brands
    • Put the price list on the service where you can browse online

    In addition, we have prepared and created a special marketing kit in which we described in detail all the advantages of our client. Coupled with the selling price list, it has become a killer marketing materials.

    By the way, how to make a marketing marketing kit we described in detail here and here.

    Briefly about the main thing

    This case could have been done even better, it was possible to develop a title cover, select individual positions and stick stickers on them, call the goods as my own articles, so that no one could compare them. But this is all a twist to the ideal, for the basics you have enough of these actions. Well, if the basics are not enough for you, then as I wrote above, we will definitely write a whole article about how to make an effective price list on our own.

    And now you have a few more farewell to the “track”:

    • Be sure to use in your price list columns or “Discount”. It simply magically influences the decision to purchase by the client, especially in the wholesale field;
    • Be sure to always call back to your customers after sending the price. As a rule, all sales managers sin with this. “Yes, I feel that he is only looking,” “Yes, he will not buy anything,” and so on. The usual inventing of sales managers to protect themselves from calls;
    • Do not spare money on price changes in 1C. Yes, it can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles, depending on the complexity of the system, but even if it increases the conversion by 10%, it will pay for itself in the long term.

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