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Greetings, friends.

I apologize for the long absence of new articles, was busy with work which, in the end, did not bring anything. But here I am inclined to blame, first of all, myself — things that are logical for me actually turned out to be somewhat different. However, it was also an experience. Yes, and it would be foolish to complain, because with a lack of employment, you can successfully pyrytsya all day at the ceiling, indulging in doing nothing, and certainly not learning anything useful.

So, today we will look into a question that worries not only people making their first steps on the Internet, but also causing rather experienced users. Now we will learn to recognize IP address server where the site is located, as well as find out why you can not find IP domain or rather, let us estimate the meaninglessness of this.

All you need is one system utility, ping. About the work of the Internet infrastructure described in a recent article on the fundamentals of the web. About list of Windows commands there was also a small review almost three years ago.

At once I will make a reservation that IP makes sense to find out only in the case when the name is specified as a domain. Otherwise, and so we have a ready "ah-pi."

At the same time, when they want to find out the IP address of a domain, it is the server IP to which it is attached via records in zones.

A question may arise, why do we need this address? At least in order to find out which hosting site is located. Suddenly you want to move there?

It is better to comprehend such things with examples, so the site, owned by Yandex, will be used as the test subject.

To find out the IP of the site, we call the program launch dialog - Start → Run - and enter the cmd command. Press ENTER. The command prompt starts. Enter the following:


and press ENTER. The program immediately displays the IP address of the server.

Four lines below - Packet exchange with ... - show some information from where you can allocate time - how many milliseconds elapsed between sending the packet and its return. The characteristic is very important, because this value is plus with the server response time. For example, if “pings” reach and return within a second, then even with a powerful server, you will have to wait a little more than this time, which creates a rather tangible “frieze” when waiting.

For site owners, this is probably a critical parameter. Few users will wait tens of seconds for pages to load.

The long answer happens in many cases, I will give only a few options:

  • Slow nodes along the path of the packet;
  • Remote server. Resident of Lyubertsy, all other things being equal, the answer from America will come much later than from Moscow;
  • "Narrow" Internet channel. For example, there are fairly cheap servers connected to unlimited 10Mbit, which is very small, because the server will be idle for a long time to push traffic. Another example is that you are connected using ADSL technology, with an outgoing speed of 8 megabits per second and an incoming speed of only 1 Mbps. Then, if something is being downloaded at that moment, there will be slowdowns, which can be mistaken for a slow computer.
  • Heavy load on the server or hoster infrastructure. It is not at all necessary that the users' websites may be guilty of a targeted DDoS attack by competitors.

It remains to consider one more question: how, in fact, find out the IP address of the server? Let's say you paid a hosting provider for hosting your site. You have been sent a letter with access details and, among other things, are asked to register new NS servers for the domain. This is done in the recorder panel. But if the domain is purchased with the hosting, then this data will be filled in automatically.

As we remember, changes in the CSN become active not immediately, it should take some time. In this case, hosters provide a level 3 domain (you can pre-deploy a site on it). That is what you need to "ping".


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A question may arise, why do we need this address?
Suddenly you want to move there?
It remains to consider one more question: how, in fact, find out the IP address of the server?