How to attach a new number to Yandex money. Changing the phone number in the Yandex Money wallet: how to do it? Can I open a currency account

  1. Peculiarities of incoming mailboxes with alternative user names
  2. Link a phone number
  3. Change phone number
  4. Remove phone number
  5. Procedure
  6. What if it fails?
  7. Commissions

You can bind your number mobile phone to account Yandex to further protect your account, as well as receive alerts from Yandex services. Yandex.Passport allows you to bind several phone numbers to your account, but only one of them can be secure: you can restore access with this number if you forget your password or your account has been hacked.

Peculiarities of incoming mailboxes with alternative user names

You can do this before or after linking your phone number on the page: just check the phone number as the username. Only the main phone number can be used as this user name. The only exception to this rule is on the page where you must enter the username you provided during registration. To send email to this address, you can enter the number in any format.

Messages sent to this address will be presented in your Yandex. If your number is transferred to another person, new owner will include it as an alternate username, then this address Email will also be transferred to the property. This can happen in following situations .

The protected number can also be used instead of the login when logging into Yandex.

  1. Link a phone number
  2. Change phone number
  3. Remove phone number

All the phones that you indicated on Yandex are listed on the page.

Link a phone number

Each account can be assigned only one protected number (which can later be changed) and any number of additional numbers.

To add a number:

You can bind your number   mobile phone   to   account   Yandex to further protect your account, as well as receive alerts from Yandex services

Change phone number

It is easy to change an additional phone number: bind a new additional number and delete the old one.

Note. If you have lost your SIM card, or it has stopped working, you can restore the number in your mobile operator’s office.

To change a secured number:

    If a old number unavailable to you, turn off the switch Number ... available to me (in this case the number will change only in a month).

    Enter new number phone in the box and click Replace.

    Yandex will send a confirmation code to the new phone number, as well as a notification and a code to the old number (if you indicated that it is available to you).

    Note. One number can not be tied to more than 10 accounts simultaneously. If the entered number is already linked to 10 accounts, Yandex.Passport will automatically untie it from the rest. On mailboxes untied accounts will come with a notification.

    If the old number is available to you, you will need to enter the confirmation code sent to it first. If the old number is not available, enter the code received on the new number. Then enter your password and click the Confirm button.

  • If you entered both codes correctly, your telephone number will change with a click of a button.

    If the old number is not available to you, the associated number will change in a month. Yandex will periodically remind you of this, in case the phone tries to change the attacker, and you missed the very first notifications. You can cancel a delayed number change at any time: click the Cancel button on the page.

Remove phone number

You can delete a phone number if it no longer belongs to you or you do not want to receive messages from Yandex on it.

    Go to page.

    Click the Delete button next to the phone number. The additional number is deleted immediately, while deleting the main number must be confirmed by SMS code.

    Yandex will send two messages to the primary number to be deleted: a deletion notification and a numeric code. You will also receive notifications for everything linked to your account.

    If the number is unavailable to you, turn off the Number switch ... it is available to me (in this case the number will be deleted only in a month).

    Enter the received code (if the number to be deleted is available to you) and the password of your account. Then click the Confirm button.

  • If you entered the correct code, the phone number will be deleted with a button.

    If you can not get the code to delete the number, it will be deleted in a month. This deferral protects you from intruders who have entered your account in any way and are trying to delete your phone number.

    You can cancel delayed number deletion at any time: click the Cancel button on the page.

If you did not press the Confirm button, the number deletion will be automatically canceled after one month.

For those who use the Yandex money service for quite some time and are not tied to one phone number, such a function how to change the phone number to Yandex money is not a complicated procedure. However, there are life situations in which access to the previously registered is absent, which brings inconvenience and requires a detailed study of the issue for its quick resolution.


  1. First, you need to go to the official Yandex page, where in the upper right corner, there are buttons quick access to a variety of site services. Select the appropriate icon to go to payment service .
  2. Going to the main page of the service, you need to go to the "settings" menu, where all data about the user is displayed and stored.
  3. When you go, you need to find a section called "Account" in whose section, the corresponding line with the inscription "Phone".
  4. Opposite this item, your inactive phone number should be indicated.
  5. Slightly to the right digital signage , there is a button "Change", click on it.
  6. When you click, you will see an interactive form for selecting the method for changing the associated phone number:
  • sms – code (in case there is an opportunity to receive sms on an inactive number);
  • emergency password (If there is no access to the card with an inactive number, however, emergency passwords are stored on the computer).
  • contact the support service in one of the ways.

What if it fails?

If the first two options offered above do not suit you, you need to contact the service support service. To do this, you can use one of the ways

  1. Fill special form .
  2. Call on line hot line .

Fill out a special form, you can directly on the site, through the menu feedback . This method is good if this moment hotline in your area is not available due to technical works , or for a long time all operators are busy.

  1. When filling out the form, specify the correct topic of the question, describe in brief the details of the need to link another phone number to the card.
  2. Also indicate your additional contact information, because the contact specialist will have in front of you, only your specified phone number, and not the one you changed to.
  3. After the letter is sent, wait for the processing of your data and communication with the operator, or in most cases with an employee of a specialized department.

You can almost always call the hotline of your region, but the number of simultaneous calls is limited, which is why situations often arise when all operators are busy for a long time.

After you have been able to contact a specialist on the phone indicated on the portal, it is necessary, as well as in the feedback form, to describe the essence of the problem, and explain why you do not have access to the old phone.

If in the wallet tied to the old number, the identification procedure was previously passed, it would not be difficult to re-register it, and the operator may be able to directly online mode solve your problem.


Commission, which is provided by the system, for this service , today is 270 p. If you were unable to restore access to transfers, the transfer fee for the balance bank card , will be equal to 3% of the amount transferred.

What if it fails?